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Pest Force

Style Guide and Logo Modifications for a Pest Company

Pest Force already had their own logo, but they wanted to test it with various modifications. They also wanted something to keep their brand consistent. In the end, they kept the minimalistic logo with branding that’s confident, fun, and masculine. It could be used in a more clean, professional way, or used in a more fun, loose way, depending on the purpose.

Client: Pest Force

Apps Used: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign

Editable: Designs were placed in Canva so the client could edit their own text and move designs around as they pleased.

I did NOT create the original logo. My job: Create various modifications of the logo so the client could see what other options there were for the logo. In the end, they wanted to keep the minimalistic logo, just make it thicker.
Some logo variations in the process.