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Angel Face Boutique

Logo Design for an Online Boutique

Angel Face Boutique wanted wings for their logo with a feminine, handwritten font. Looking at inspiration, she loved neon pink, soft pink, white, and black. In the end, she loved the wings having a high contrast of black wings and pink coloration, and a simple circle encasing the wings. The logo is simple, yet bold! Powerful, yet, calm. A fitting logo for this online boutique.

Client: Angel Face Boutique

Apps Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign

First Pic: mock up the logo on a tote bag
Second Pic: The cover of her mini style guide that I always give to clients showing at least colors and the various versions of the logos provided (like full color and black and white).
Third Pic: Some different iterations to reach the final logo.