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Graphic design that fits your business goals.

You want graphic design work that makes you stand out from other companies and speaks to your audience. Whether you need to start with a fresh new logo and branding, or you need someone who will create content based on your current branding and designs, Carlee W Designs makes it work for your company.

No more clip art or blurry logos created in Word.

You don’t want graphics that others can purchase online, too. Nor do you want graphics made in text editing documents that end up coming out blurry and change every time you try to edit it. You want your company to be consistent and unique. Carlee W Designs does exactly that.

I’d love to create graphics for your company!

I’ve been creating since I was 2, starting with Sharpie masterpieces on the walls! More officially, I’ve been designing professionally since 2016. In August 2020, this business was opened to serve you and your company’s needs. Don’t worry, I won’t use Sharpie all over your walls — unless you want me to.

I’m a member of the Monroe-Walton Center for the Arts and the Chamber of Commerce. I am also the Graphics and Media Director of Monroe Apostolic Church. If you need custom designs, art advice, design guidance, or other professional wisdom, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Customer Testimonial

“Carlee’s creative wit always exceeds my expectations and leaves me with a wow factor after each project!”

Dr. K W Dames with The Intellectual Bookshop LLC
Workbook cover and page designs

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